Stand Out From the Crowd

To survive in a fast moving digital world, getting noticed is everything.

Ideas can change everything,

and we are full of ideas!

We’re binarian, a creative agency located in New York. We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions across a wide variety of industries including technology, marketing, product development and more.

What We Can Help You Achieve

Our team is uniquely positioned to develop or consult on a variety of projects. We’ve build successful social apps, worked with celebrities and musicians, designed fashion lines, created Artificial Intelligence Driven Marketing Platforms, produced  award winning web and UI/UX designs, manufactured millions of products that have been distributed in 30 countries through major retailers, produced trade show booths/events and much more. We’ve been turning dreams into reality for over 15 years.

Target Audience
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Hotel & Hospitality Industry
  • Fashion & Couture Brands
  • Government / Law Enforcement
  • Celebrity Marketing
Our Specialties
  • Web / Mobile Technologies
  • Graphic & UI Design
  • Product Design & Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Big Data Mining / Marketing
Notable Awards
  • LXM – Inc. 500 Magazine
  • Webby Awards Nomination
  • CES Best of Show 2010 
  • PC Magazine – Best Product 
Featured On
  • Inc 500 Magazine
  • Forbes
  • CNN
  • People Magazine

A Different Kind of Company

Technology Driven

From our work in the NYC and LA fashion industry to manufacturing in Hong Kong and China, all our efforts are data driven using bleeding edge technologies and techniques including Artificial Intelligence VR/AR and more.

Designers at Heart

Don't be fooled by our geeky side! Our tech chops are married to design savvy. We've worked with over 100 A-List Celebrities and Fortune 500s for product launches, fashion shows, special events, product launches and more.

AI Driven Marketing

Bottom line, you have customers or you fade away. We deploy in-house and third party artificial intelligence driven big data platforms paired with human experts to make sure the right customers find you at exactly the right time and place.


Product Development

Our team worked directly with Lady Gaga and Universal Records to create an entirely custom line of mobile phone accessories in time for Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball Tour. The first company they approached just wanted to put her face on every case, but our team approached Gaga’s personal style with a perspective to translate her design aesthetics to mobile. We then manufactured over 100,000 units across multiple designs and coordinated logistics. The collection was sold at Best Buy and through Universal and was received with great excitement.

Services Provided:
Product Design, Product Development, Market Research, Mini-Websites, E-Commerce, Social Media Campaigns, Reports.

Balaji Palace Resort Playa Grande

AI Driven Social Marketing

Our team went to the Balaji Palace Resort in the Dominican Republic and after research and operations consulting, put together a successful comprehensive social media and web marketing solution to target customers that would be most likely to stay at the Balaji Palace Resort. Results show a significant lift from our advertising methods compared to traditional methods.

Services Provided:
Consulting, AI Driven Lead Generation, Marketing Campaigns, Program Creation, Operations Analysis.

Resun - A General Electric Company

PPC Marketing

During Hurricane Katrina, Resun Leasing was one of only two companies in the country that could provide instant pre-fab offices, residence and medical centers. Resun hired us to make sure we got in front of the companies and government agencies that needed to know who they were and what they offered. We managed a $300,000 Budget to be deployed in 7 days over Google Adwords with over 100 campaign and product variations with 24/7 monitoring. The campaign brought in $15M in Revenue.

Services Provided:
Consulting, Market Research, Feasibility Analysis, Ad Design, Landing Page Websites, Google Adwords Campaigns, Google Analytics Tracking, VoIP Phone Lead Tracking, SalesForce Plugin, Sales Scripting, Reports.

Vibespotr - See What's Hot!

iPhone App

Vibespotr is a social app that pulls social media reviews, photos and ratings from over a dozen platforms and helps users find cool things to do in their city based on what people are saying and doing on the social web.

Services Provided:
UX/UI Design, iOS Native App Development, REST API Development, Social Media Platform Integration.

Uunique - London

Product Development

Our team developed and produced the Omari Diamond Lotus Case for Uunique London. This product was designed for a fashion show and product launch which featured Mischa Barton and a rooftop party in the heart of London. We brought together a team to design and craft this case from 24 Karat Rose gold, 13 carats of pink, white and black diamonds and mother of pearl.   Our team also created a video presentation which was viewed during the fashion show. The Lotus Case sold for $324,000 USD and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case”.

Services Provided:
Market Research, Conceptual Design, 3D Design, Prototyping, Product Development, Atelier Gold and Diamond Crafting and Development, Gemstone and Precious Metal Sourcing, Video Conceptual and Production Work, Event Production.